What are some key academic materials to read in “applied anthropology,” a.k.a. industrial anthropology or business anthropology?

I’m looking for materials that examine human behavior in marketing, UX, product design or community management — from an anthropological perspective as opposed to a psychological or sociological

Product Design:
Alison J. Clarke - Design Anthropology
Virginea Postrel - Substance of Style

Corporate Culture:
Karen Ho - Liquidated: An Ethnography of Wall Street
James Watson - Golden Arche East: McDonald’s in East Asia
Choong Soon Kim - The Culture of Korean Industry: An Ethnography of Poongsan Corporation
Marieta L. Baba  - Business ans Industrial Anthropology: An Overview
Terrence Deal and Allan Kennedy - Corporate Cultures: The Rites and Rituals of Corporate Life

Movie Night - Objectified

Second part of Hustwit trilogy, with great ideas about the relationship we have with things, environmental responsibilities and the future. The film features stories behind some great products and it is also a chance to hear from professionals behind iconic designs.

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Fun show about product design.


Award-winning designer Bill Moggridge is a founder of IDEO, one of the most successful design firms in the world and one of the first to integrate the design of software and hardware into the practice of industrial design. 

Happy to share a talk I had the opportunity to attend this week.


Quick video about Product Design.

We swim in an ocean of products. Behind each one, there is someone (hopefully) thinking about the way we experience it. In this episode of Off Book, we explore three aspects of product design: build quality and engineering fundamentals, humanism and sustainability, and speculation on the future of the product experience. In discussion with the 4th generation owner of a classic brand, a brilliant designer of socially progressive products, and an MIT researcher looking to revolutionize the product experience through 3D printing, we’ll capture a sense of the values and challenges in the contemporary world of product design. 


Dr. Harvey Moscot, Moscot Eyewear
Yves Behar, Fuseproject
Peter Schmitt, MIT Personal Robotics Group

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